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You will need the RealOne Player program to listen to the audio files we offer below.  If you don't already have that program, you can download it for FREE by clicking on the pictured program logo.


      Note:  After you click the link to the Sermon below that you wish to listen to, you can then go to your browser program and surf the web at your leisure. Playing of the sermon should begin as soon as it downloads.


"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" II Corinthians Realities of the Resurrection, Part II (Matthew 28)
"Give a Life to Get a Life" Realities of the Resurrection (Matthew 28)
"Bible Covenant" What Does the Resurrection Prove (John 11)
"If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt?" Mark 9 What the Centurion Saw (Matthew 27)
Three Arrows (I Samuel 20) What We Should Bring to Church, Part II (Psalm 100)
In America, Part II (Psalm 33) Acting Like Christians, Part III (Hebrews 13)
In America (Psalm 33) Acting Like Christians, Part II (Hebrews 13)
The Resurrection and the Lie (Matthew 28) Acting Like Christians (Hebrews 13)
Uncommon Sense (Proverbs 17) The Race Is On (Hebrews 12)




Why Do I Prefer the King James Version?

Why Do I Prefer the King James Version? Part 1  
Why Do I Prefer the King James Version? Part 2  


The "I AM" Series

I AM the Bread of Life (John 6) I AM The Resurrection (John 11)
I AM the Light of the World (John 7 & 8) I AM The Way, Truth, and the Life (John 14)
I AM the Door (John 10) I AM The True Vine (John 15)
I AM The Good Shepherd (John 10)